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This website is the official website of the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club,

created by Polly Burright.

This site was last updated April 21, 2023.

Any member of the National 600 Club who is a current member of the Wisconsin USBC is eligible for membership in the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club.

Text Box: Help us celebrate our 50th tournament in 2023!  
We will be visiting Les & Jim’s Lincoln Lanes in Merrill.

The Merrill 600 Club is “going retro” to recognize 200 games, 600 and 700 series.  They wish to honor our bowlers from the past by passing down their achievement awards to the bowlers of the future.  We are reaching our to you to consider donating any of your past awards to recognize those who bowl those same achievements at our 50th tournament.  You may bring them with you to this year’s tournament in Menomonie, where they will be gratefully accepted.  Check with your friends, who may have some pins that are also gathering dust in some drawer or box.  Now they can find a “use” for them by donating them to the Merrill 600 Club!

50th Anniversary Apparel

Pre-Order Form


If you are interested in ordering, please complete the form and return  it to Julie Bushor with your payment made out to the Merrill 600 Club.


Please note that the full-zip fleece option has only the front logo and is  available ONLY as a pre-order.


DEADLINE for pre-orders:

July 1, 2023